We at The Pine School believe that every child is unique and each one of them require comprehensive focus on the intellectual, physical, emotional, creative, and social development. Hence, we have developed an integrated curriculum through curriculum mapping based on the latest brain research. The Professional advisory team at our school constantly pursue development to keep them abreast of the newest and most appropriate materials and techniques for creating an ideal educational environment.

The international team of educationalists' ideation and the essence of CBSE pattern in consideration, our curriculum ensure holistic growth of every child.


We certainly provide an academically rigorous setting while keeping in mind the fun learning strategies.

Through the collaborative projects, students here, learn how to work with one another by listening to and sharing ideas with each other. Moral education and character building is woven with the curriculum so that the children interact and learn how to get along with others.

Specialised Kindergarten Curriculum

The Pine School ensures focussed dedication to the Kindergarten program. The program is designed to promote and stimulate growth in the five main areas of child development including cognitive, social and emotional, speech and language, and physical growth (small and gross motor).

During these developmental years, children thrive in our nurturing atmosphere as we work together towards the growth of the child as a whole. Mother teachers, along with assistant teachers, engage the children in a theme-based curriculum that is fun and challenging, utilizing our indoor and outdoor classroom environments.

We invite your kindergarten child to join us on a journey that begins at the age of three and leads to a life-long love for learning.